Engineering Design

Gammill approaches every project with a thorough analysis of all your technical and business needs.

Master engineers and craftsmen develop and build optimized solutions that reduce installation, operation, and maintenance expense. 95% of Gammill’s projects were completed on time during the past five years, and Gammill has a solid reputation of delivering solutions that meet or exceed performance expectations.

  • Industrial Electrical ConstructionEngineering Design
  • Power Installations and Distribution
  • Machine Installations and Controls
  • Material Handling and Processing
  • Control Panels and Instrumentation
  • In-Plant Modifications
  • Cogeneration systems

Many companies are continually seeking ways to reduce costs, both in terms of capital investment and operating expense. Gammill’s engineering team can help you find the most reliable and economical solutions to fit a wide range of custom electrical and control requirements both now and in the future.

Is your facility a good candidate for cogeneration? Gammill has helped many companies significantly reduce energy expense through cogeneration systems engineered to meet very specific objectives. Gammill offers a free feasibility study to help verify if your facility is a viable candidate for cogeneration or related equipment. Please contact Gammill today for more information.

Contact Gammill for a free review of your specific needs, and a competitive proposal that will satisfy all of your requirements with reliability, efficiency, and integrity.

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