CHP Cogeneration Systems

Gammill Electric is a highly qualified supplier of 250 kW to 5 mW CHP (combined heat and power) cogeneration systems, providing a full range of equipment and technical support services to ensure maximum economy and reliability.

Cogeneration is a term used to describe technologies that capture waste heat from local electricity production, and use the waste heat to make steam, hot water, or chilled water for process heating, cooling, or air conditioning.

This technology can increase the efficiency of typical power production systems from 30% to 80%. Cogeneration systems are used for primary power generation, peak shaving, load management, power quality improvement, and standby power.

If your facility meets all these criteria, cogeneration may significantly reduce your energy expense:

  • Use 125,000 kWh or more of electricity per month
  • Use 3,500 Therms or more of natural gas per month
  • Operate more than 500 hours per month
  • Pay more than $0.075 per kWh for electricity

Cogeneration equipment and services provided by Gammill includes:

  • Feasibility and economic justification studies for cogeneration
  • UL 508 custom control and power panel shop
  • Development of project specifications
  • Engineer complete system and supply all CHP equipment
  • Site management services to ensure the total success of each project
  • AQMD permit application services
  • Fully compliant interconnection with the power grid (Rule 21)
  • Load bank testing
  • Licensed contractor for installing CHP lines, panels, and services
  • Upgrading existing services as needed
  • Regular maintenance and testing of CHP equipment
  • Troubleshooting and emergency repair services

Contact Gammill Electric today to learn more about the ways cogeneration can reduce your energy expense. A free feasibility study will help verify if your facility is a viable candidate for cogeneration or related equipment.

Contact Gammill for a free review of your specific needs, and a competitive proposal that will satisfy all of your requirements with reliability, efficiency, and integrity.

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